Official Proclomation For The City Of San Antonio

October 14th 2018

I met with Mayor Ron Nirenberg on October 11th to pick up the official proclomation stating that this October will be recognized as National Bullying Prevention Month. I had emailed him about a week prior to that asking if our city had a proclomation like that and he replied the same day saying that he would look into it. When I met with him I was very excited and glad that we were able to make it happen. (Click on the photo to the left to view all photos.)

On Air with Blue Collar Sports Dad

October 13th 2019

At the beginning of September, I was invited to go on air on Ticket 760 with Dillon Emery, aka The Blue Collar Sports Dad.  I shared my story and found an awesome new friend, and supporter of my campaign.

My "Sweet" New Partnership

October 13th 2019

Last month I was able to create a partnership with a business called Scooped Cookie Dough Bar. They partnered with me on my road to stop bullying and last month allowed me to come in to their Kiosk at La Cantera to create the first batch of dough called Kindness Dough. I created this dough to help raise support for my campaign. The dough is made up of teal sugar cookie dough with white and milk chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and peanut butter chips.